Prof. Fengwei Huo

Prof. Fengwei Huo 

Executive Deputy Director of The Synergetic Innovation Center For Advanced Materials

Vice-director of Institute of Advanced Materials, Nanjing Tech University

1999: Bachelor degree; Jilin University, China.

2002: Master degree; Jilin University, China.

2009: PhD degree; Northwestern University, United States.

2010: Assist. Prof. (Tenure-track), Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

2013: Professor; Institute of Advanced Materials, Nanjing Tech University, China.


Porous coordination polymer based composite materials, Selective catalysis, Nano-lithography

Academic Achievements:

Prof. Fengwei Huo has published about 100 SCI papers, including Science, Nature Nanotechnology, Nature Chemistry, Advanced Materials, etc., with over 5,000 citations.


1)  2013  The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars

2)  2013  Distinguished Professor of Jiangsu Province

3)  2014  Distinguished Young Scholar of Jiangsu Province

4)  2015 The High-level Talent of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Jiangsu Province

5)  2016 The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars

6)  2017 National Program on Key Basic Research Project (973 Program)

7)  2017 National Key Scientific Instrument and Equipment Development Project

8)  2020 Science Research Famous Achievement Award in Higher Institution, Second Prize


Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM)

Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)

Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)

Micromeritics ASAP Physisorption Analyze

Shimadzu Gas Chromatgraphy

Thermo Scientific Sorvall Centrifuge

Ika Rotary Evaporator

Tube Furnace

Schlenk Line Synthetic System

Low-temperature Cooling Pump

Electrochemical Workstation