Academic Report: Professor Weiguo Song from Institute of Chemistry Chinese Academy of Sciences

Dear students

Professor Weiguo Song from Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, invited by Prof. Fengwei Huo, will visit the Institute of Advanced Materials (IAM) and deliver an academic report in the coming few days. Active participation is encouraged. Please refer to the attachment for relevant information.

Lecture Time: 15:00 on 27 Dec., 2019

Topic: Wettability matched interface for high efficiency heterogeneous catalysis

Lecture Room: C501 of Science and Innovation Building


Many heterogeneous catalytic reactions suffer from low reaction rate and harsh reaction conditions. Though low catalytic activity of the reaction cites is one major cause or these problem, other factors need to be addressedas well. We are focused on the wettability of reactants on the surface of the catalysts. Slow adsorption and migration of the reaction species result in low rate of major steps during a catalytic reaction. By designing catalysts with matched wettability, we offer a new approach to enhance the adsorption and migration of the reaction species in heterogeneous reactions involving solid/gas, liquid/solid and gas/liquid/solid interfaces. With this approach, we will design and produce wettability matched catalysts as well as new reaction system that are able to carry out important reactions under milder reaction conditions. A few results will be present to show that wettability match will significantly improve catalytic efficiency of several reactions. The outcome of this approach may lead to new chemical technology that is based on wettability matched catalysts.


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宋卫国,现任中国科学院化学研究所研究员,中国科学院大学岗位教授。1992年北京大学化学专业本科毕业;2001年获得南加州大学 (USC)理学博士学位。2005年7月入选中国科学院“百人计划”。2007年获得国家杰出青年科学基金资助。2008年起担任科技部纳米重大研究计划项目首席科学家。2019年入选国家百千万工程。Environmental Scienc: Nano 副主编。近年研究方向主要是功能纳米材料与多孔材料的合成表征及其应用,研究纳米结构材料的可控构筑以得到具有理想形貌和丰富表界面官能团的材料,用于催化和吸附等方面的应用。